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Nearby the hotel you will find many sport activities like kite surf, diving and any kinds of excursions. While you are here, you can't avoid to visit any of those attractions. Very close from the hotel you will enjoy wonderful beaches like Playa Bonita or Playa Coson. In two hours you can also reach Playa Rincon, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

El Limon Waterfall

A lonely paradise nestled in the mountains of Samana is the El Limon waterfall. Waterfalls reach 164 feet high from the ground where it sits in a refreshing natural pool. To reach the waterfall El Limon you should either walk a trail (30-45 min) or horse riding (15-20 min) through the tropical forest, where you can enjoy watching the cocoa, coffee and various tropical fruit plantations along the way. With a local guide, who will accompany you on your journey on horseback to this amazing destination. Bring your swimsuit to make the most of this beautiful journey. With a local guide, who will accompany you on your journey on horseback to this amazing destination.

National Park Los Haitises

When you want to see what a true natural paradise, look no further than Los Haitises National Park. This unique ecosystem spans more than 2,000 miles of tropical forests, mangroves and secluded beaches woven into the coastline. Los Haitises is home to over 100 species of birds, including the rare Black-Hawk Eagle. The coastline is full of caves that the Taino Indians were living with and decorated with paintings and pictographs can still be seen today. Discover also mangroves that adorn the natural beauty of this tropical paradise, giving the landscape an incredible feeling of another era. You will walk away saying, “This looks really like a dream coming true”!

The Whale Observation

These magnificent mammals come from the North Atlantic Ocean Samana Bay every year for a migration. The humpback whale is an endangered species recovery grows larger than a school bus. Here in the Bay of Samana these solitary giants come to breed in this special habitat. This event occurs every winter, from January 15 to March 15 only here in the Bay of Samana, Dominican Republic. Together we can enjoy this spectacular moment in nature. Watch as mothers and babies live and grow in this unique international exhibition of nature’s beauty and males sing for their love of possible partners. Our guides can tell you in your language about these animals and their life here in the bay.

Playa Rincon and Fronton

Two spectacular beaches, Fronton where you feel the contact with nature at every step. Located here is one of the largest coral reefs in the country in which 20 feet away from the coast can enjoy this source of marine life. During the winter months from January to March also, the whales can be seen playing from the beach. Next on our tour is the lady beach. Here we stop for a drink and a snack at this secluded beach. Finally on our trip we will go to the sheltered beach of Rincon. Here a delicious lunch beachside Dominican style will be served grilled lobster, fish or chicken. After a delicious lunch we will work off the meal with a relaxing bath or a nap on the beach.

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